Our Services

We provide training, coaching, and consulting to help African American women/mothers have healthy pregnancies, postpartum care, and successful breastfeeding experiences.

Our services are available for individuals, groups, and corporations.

Womb Care

M3 Support

Your reproductive health is essential to your overall health. We can help you live a wholesomely healthy lifestyle.

Postpartum Care

M3 Support

Enjoy having access the support and resources you need while you rest and recover during your postpartum period.

Breastfeeding Support

M3 Support

Strengthen the bond with your child while improving your overall breastfeeding experience.

Principles of Problem Solving POPS

Children's Program

POPS helps your child overcome adversity, resolve conflict and set goals! It is imperative for our children to learn how to solve problems in a healthy manner!

Community Support Services

We are proud to offer additional support and resources from an amazing team of partners.

Fresh Produce
Seed Time Harvest

Order farm-fresh produce to support a healthier lifestyle.


Midwifery Services
Tanashia Huff

Get expert support through your entire child-birthing experience.


Compassionate Care, LLC
Melanin Mothers Meet Breastfeeding Support

The services provided by Compassionate Care LLC, are intended to help the client meet their nutrition and health goals and may complement the care of other healthcare providers but are not a substitute for medical care. Any assessment methods that the client takes part in will serve as a guide to help them in the development of an appropriate nutrition and health program tailored to their individual needs and help them monitor progress in meeting these goals. It is the client’s responsibility to decide which dietary and lifestyle changes to follow and to discuss any potential risks and benefits of these changes with Optimal Nutrition and Health and the client’s other healthcare provider(s). It is important that the client keep the other member(s) of his/her healthcare team informed of any changes to the client’s nutrition and health program as a result of working with Compassionate Care LLC, as well



Motherhood Rites of Passage: Birth, Breastfeeding & 4th Trimester

 The Melanoid Breastmilk Motherhood Rites of Passage: Birth, Breastfeeding & 4th Trimester Class is tailored to the needs of the mother and her family. Our goal is to prepare Birthing and Breastfeeding Families to think and take action through common structural barriers, having them armed with empowered solutions to help advocate for better maternal health outcomes. 


The Mothership Institute of Wombwellness and Wholistic Health

Mama Mawusi Ashshakir, Traditional Midwife

Wholistic Birth Doula
Lactation Companion
Recovery Companion
Childbirth Education
Traditional Midwifery Certifications 
& More!

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Baby Wrap Coaching

Get taught how to wrap baby with your own special wrapping fabric!

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Holistic Care Services
Supreme Essense

Providing holistic food, wellness, products, books and courses.

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Business Consulting
Wyatt Consulting

Learn to build generational wealth with a family enterprise.


Lockd Photography
Mike Curry

Book your shoot, today!

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Event Planner
Ayla Madison

Make your next planned experience, your best.

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Homeschool Counselor & Curriculum Specialist
Dr. Alecia Blackwood

Providing cultural education to  students in our community. 

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Licensed Massage Therapist
Jamila Campbell

Get relief and relaxation with The Natural Nomad. 

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Midwifery Services
Kimberly Homer

Get expert support through your entire child-birthing experience.


The Birth Plug
Wallisha Berry

A doula, birth worker and more!

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Financial Literacy for Children
Ashley C.

How to Start Implementing Financial Life Lessons with Your Children.

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Homeschool Coaching
Dr. Samori Camara

Learn the basics of homeschooling without the stress. 

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The Scalp Nutritionist

Regimens for postpartum hair loss.

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Licensed Massage Therapist
Lucky Thomas

Prenatal Massage, Thai Massage, Cupping Therapy, CBD Massage & More!

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Family Photography
Stories To Remember Photography

Capture those special moments that you'll never want to forget.


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We offer a plethora of resources, strategies and tools for melanin women, mothers and babies. We are here to give Melanin Mothers back their power of being emotionally sound, informed of options pertaining to preconception, prenatal care, pregnancy, birthing, postpartum care and overall mothering our melanin babies.

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